Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The George Zimmerman Trial: Children Run Amok

Honestly, I haven't been on a playground in many years, but I remember kids fighting and threatening to kill one another, or at the very least, threatening to "tell on" each other for no important reasons.

I don't mean to reduce the George Zimmerman case to child's play, but the supposed provocations by Trayvon Martin "Do you have a have one now" and "You're going to die tonight" sound like childhood taunts on steriods. When an adult says they want to kill you, you have to believe them.

George Zimmerman was in fear for his life more because of  Trayvon Martin's words than the actual fight, mixed martial art style or not. His physical injuries were not life threatening,  indeed lead Detective Chris Serino was dismissive about them. The rain of 25 - 30 blows, the suffocation, the pounding of his head onto the cement left him alive.

John Good,  the playground monitor, heard Zimmerman call for help, and the fight escalate. He told the boys to "cut it out" and that he was going to call 911. Good went inside his home to use his phone and that is when according to Zimmerman, Martin saw Zimmerman's gun and went for it.

Zimmerman fired first. Sadly Zimmerman didn't even realize that Trayvon Martin died on the scene.  He was told by police investigator Doris Singleton later at the police station. So much for his abilities as a neighborhood "pretend" policeman.

If only both boys could had behaved like adults Trayvon would be alive and George would not be facing life imprisonment.  I hope this sad event becomes a cautionary tale to the loose lipped out there. Man up boys!