Friday, July 5, 2013

Should George Zimmerman Testify in His Own Defense?

Now that the prosecution case is winding down, talking heads have been discussing whether or not George Zimmerman should take the stand.

Robert Shapiro, who successfully defended OJ Simpson, said 7/3/13 on Piers Morgan Live, that there might be something to be gained, but it would be a "tremendous risk."

Criminal defense lawyer, Mark O'Mara will advise George Zimmerman but the decision is ultimately his to make. Certainly we have already heard from Mr. Zimmerman in the 911 calls, the videotapes and the television interview with Sean O.Hannity. He has talked too much already, but do we know him?

So far, Mr. Zimmerman's side of the story has been consistent enough. With his life on the line, the stress of testifying may make him appear nervous and thereby untruthful.  His demeanor in the courtroom has been fairly flat and he lacks remorse which does not help him. His line in the interview with Mr. Hannity "it's not my gun, it's not his gun, it's the gun" seemed too practiced. His statement that what happened was "God's plan" was insulting to the family of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman should take a cue from Jodi Arias who tried to be the star in her courtroom drama, talked for 18 days, and was reviled and convicted.  As a self defense murder defendant, he should think hard about incriminating himself with testimony elicited by the prosecutor.

Subjecting himself to cross examination by Bernie de la Rionda could mean a life sentence for George Zimmerman. 
Since he can't pull a gun in the courtroom, maybe Zimmerman will have enough "imminent fear" to just walk away from this confrontation.